poetry book?

For the past couple of years, I haven’t read many books outside of school. Fortunately, school has made me read some damn good books and poems. Works that have reminded me of the awe of words, whether they be ornate or simple.

I have always wanted to write a book, preferably a novel. Only requirement I’ve ever really had was to get my name slapped on some book I put a lot of thought and love into. I’ve tried writing many books, but they always trail off, left alone in a Google doc. They’re occasionally looked at, but they tend to be left untouched.

I neglected writing during fall semester. Creative writing gets rusty when you don’t do it for a while, but sometimes, it’s good for you. When I force creativity, it doesn’t go well. So I let it hibernate for a bit.

For interim, I took a writing class called Writer’s Workout. I didn’t try to write a book. I just wrote whatever I could manage each day. I can’t say my writing improved. I mean, I wrote a meme-inspired retelling of the Russian Revolution towards the end of that class. That poem will never see the light of day unless someone in my life is desperate for a laugh. Anyway, one particularly good poem came out of that class. Aside from essays and screenplays, I felt like I hadn’t found a writing voice(Something writing classes should teach: you have more than one writing voice) for something appropriate for a book, but that poem, “Serotonin,” felt like a turning point. It came out easily, the writing style was nice and natural-feeling, and I liked the subject matter(basically, the effects Lexapro can have when you haven’t taken it in a while.) It’s been in the back of my mind for the past few months.

I haven’t done much writing since interim, but I’ve been in a poetry class for spring semester. We’re supposed to read like four or five poetry books. I just finished Citizen by Claudia Rankine(which I definitely recommend you read, even if you don’t like poetry.) Anyway, it made me consider writing a poetry book and do something more with “Serotonin.” Sure, “Serotonin” would work as a stand-alone poem. But it’s also a moment-based poem, and I feel like it needs continuation. It allows itself to go three routes: mental illness, college, or mental illness in college. I’m not sure which direction the poetry book will go,  but I’ve started writing a few lines for potential poems that would be included in it. I even have a couple of titles floating around; I’m not sure if they’re poetry book titles or poem titles. Maybe I don’t have all of the details figured out, but I feel confident about this being the book I finish.


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